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Newest Hotspots:

Type Name City Country
Cafe Crax Internet Cafe General trias PH
Cafe On The Rocks taguig PH
Hotzone FRECOM Accra GH
Residential Area 80 Peso for 7Days Lingayen PH
Cafe GoldTimeCoffee HCMC VN
Bar Frutama Iquitos PE
Residential Area NADINHO sao pedro BR
Public Building or Space Odontologia Marcio Gomes itarare BR
Restaurant EMPORIO LANCHE Autazes BR
Government Office Bizzare India IN

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Some ideal possible locations might include:

  • Airport
  • Bar
  • Beach
  • Boat
  • Bus Station
  • Business Center
  • Cafe
  • Campground
  • Car Wash
  • Convention Center
  • Downtown Area
  • Gas Station
  • Golf Course
  • Government Office
  • Health Club
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Hotzone
  • Internet Cafe
  • Library
  • Marina
  • Office Building
  • Office Park
  • Other
  • Park
  • Phone Booth
  • Private Club
  • Pub
  • Public Building or Space
  • Residential Area
  • Rest Area
  • Restaurant
  • Rural Area
  • RV Resort
  • School or University
  • Sports Venue
  • Store or Shopping Mall
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Train Station
  • Training Center
  • Truck Stop


Prepaid Wi-Fi Tickets

Watch a video demonstration of the prepaid wi-fi ticket module in action (from a user's perspective).

The major problem prepaid wi-fi tickets solve is "how to time-limit wi-fi access" which can be an issue for hotspot operators who rely on table-turnover for profitability (such as hospitality industry locations).

Prepaid wi-fi tickets can be purchased at a wholesale rate of .10 cents per hour or .30 cents per day and exported to either Microsoft Excel or Word formats (see below). Tickets exported to Word can be printed onto sheets of 2 X 3.5 inch business cards which you can acquire from any major office supplies store.

Download (sample) prepaid wi-fi tickets:

Major features:

  • Batch create up to 1000 accounts (per batch).
  • Time-limit accounts (hourly / daily).
  • Bandwidth-limit accounts (1-20 mbps).
  • Search for accounts by username.
  • View time-left per account.
  • Terminate accounts.
  • Download accounts (Excel / Word formats).



Prepaid WiFi Hotspot Billing Software

Prepaid wi-fi hotspot billing (user demo)

Watch a demo of the prepaid wi-fi hotspot billing system from the perspective of wireless customer.

Hotspot Service Network Test

Hotspot service network test

Determine whether of not your network is capable of connecting to the engagehotspots.com hotspot system over ports 1812 and 1813.

Getting Started as a Hotspot System Administrator

Getting started as a hotspot system administrator

How to get started as a hotspot system administrator.

DD-WRT (v24 standard) Upgrade From Linksys

DD-WRT (v24 standard) upgrade from Linksys

Upgrade a Linksys WRT54G wireless router to DD-WRT v24 standard (with Chillispot embedded).

Configure Chillispot (within DD-WRT) to connect to engagehotspots.com's Hotspot System

Configure Chillispot (within DD-WRT)

Configure Chillispot (within DD-WRT).

Prepaid Wi-Fi Hotspot Billing Software

Prepaid wi-fi hotspot billing (create and print wi-fi tickets)

This video discusses how to create and print time-limited wi-fi tickets.